Paving Stones: A Solution for Sloped or Hillside Landscapes

 The tri state area’s hilly landscape can be troublesome for some residential and commercial property owners when it comes to runoff, soil staying put and general safety for residents and guests. Property that slopes or sits on a hillside sometimes make the space seem smaller and unusable. Hardscaping options like paving stone retaining walls, walkways or steps can provide a transition between street and front door, and to and from different areas on your property.

Hilly environments can often be picturesque, but it’s don’t always offer much in terms of usability. Walkways created with any of the fine product lines of paving stones that we carry here at Island Block & Masonry Supply would complement your yard, providing a great feature for areas of your property that will require high foot traffic day-to-day. If the goal of your walkway is to connect areas of your outdoor space that need to be traversed by you, your family and guests, then we have a solution for you.

Whether sloped uphill or downhill, walkways can help, but sometimes the addition of steps are required since many houses sit slightly above the level of the street in an effort to keep rainwater off your property, out of your home, and onto the street. Connecting stairs to a paving stone walkway in your front or backyard will help you get around, safely, and it adds definite curb appeal as well.

Paving stone steps connecting to your walkway can get an glamorous and functional upgrade with the addition of lighting. Not only does it light the way for you and guests, which makes navigating your yard far easier in the nighttime, it’s an aesthetic upgrade that makes your property look all around more luxe. Step lighting installation is a cinch, so it’s a quick, affordable way to turn your outdoor space up several notches.

Having pavers installed is a wise move for homeowners and commercial property owners because paving stones are truly hassle-free and require little maintenance. For more information about hardscaping, contact the experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply on Long Island or come visit our showroom, conveniently located to all residents of the tri state area.


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