Paving Stone Patterns & Designs

Paving stones laid in different patterns can create totally unique looks. Your patio, walkway, driveway or pool area doesn’t have to consist of pavers in a straight line parallel to one another, create some visual interest and show your personality and style by switching things up from the standard designs.

When you use pavers, you have a lot more freedom to create the design of your dreams than with concrete slab or other materials. With gravel, sand, grass or moss as a filler in between pavers, you can put together a truly unique look using elements of nature to spruce up what some may deem a more plain look. Projects like a driveway and pool area work best with the sand in between for a closer, tighter fit that allows for some give when the freeze/thaw cycle of the winter and spring comes.

Some are more popular than others among all of the possible patterns, and many patterns have been used time and time again because they are beautiful, different and create a strong base, which is especially important for driveway and heavily trafficked areas.

Laying paving stones in a circle shape looks great when used in conjunction with other patterns, like a herringbone pattern, which we will discuss next. Rounded edges don’t necessarily mean a full circle, a half-circle or less works too. The circular paving stone pattern is a fitting addition to large expanses of paving stone areas because it breaks up the space and compliments the accompanying designs and patterns.

A herringbone patterns basically equates to paving stones being placed in different directions to ultimately created a V-shape. Using a 45-degree angle or 90-degree angle, the herringbone makes for a great pattern in any outdoor space, adding a fun visual element that isn’t straight-laid pavers. Because of its strength due to the alternately laid pavers, the herringbone pattern works well on high traffic areas like driveways and patios because of furniture and cars are moving around on it.

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