Paving Stone Patterns and Designs

There are so many patterns to choose from when installing a paving stone driveway, patio, walkway or other hardscaping creation, and though there are several tried-and-true ways to lay the pavers that provide for strong and aesthetically pleasing designs, there is ample opportunity to be creative and show your individuality.

The Basket Weave Pattern originates from the old English. This design, which is created by laying paving stones in a sort of perpendicular pattern between pairs laid vertically and horizontally, was commonly used during that era. Colors aren’t limited, in fact, the more colorful the better. Between the alternating paver angles and the bright shades, this design is especially eye-catching. The old English layout works best for those who want their property to emit a historic feel. The durability of the basket weave is another positive, as it is appropriate for an outdoor project, even the most high trafficked areas.

This next design is a pattern used across all European countries, so homeowners looking for some European flair may want to check out the European Fan Pattern. Don’t expect to be able to do it yourself on this one though, this design, like the circular, often proves to be a challenging installation. This gorgeous pattern is worth the extra work though, as its durability and stunning visual elements make it a solid choice for commercial designs as well as larger residential projects like driveways and patios.

One of the more simple paving stone patterns to lay is also among the most popular for homeowners due to the fact that it’s fairly standard and simple: the running bond. Laid side by side, the pavers give the illusion that the space is larger or more stately than it actually is, which is always a plus for homeowners and commercial developments alike. This design also requires far than cutting and shaping than other patterns, which minimizes waste and makes thing faster and easier.

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