Pavers and Your Backyard Renovation

Most people don’t think of a backyard renovation in quite the same way as they do a kitchen or bathroom renovation. However, redoing your backyard can be a major undertaking, especially if you plan on modifying or adding outbuildings, changing the location or size of your flowerbeds, or changing up your paver patio. In fact, your backyard revamp may involve doing a lot of with pavers. Here are a few of the ways you can remodel your backyard with pavers to make the space feel more unique and useful.

Redo Your Patio

When people think of using pavers in their backyard, most of the time, they think of patios. This is a great use for pavers, and you can create a nice space using them. You can mix and match paver sizes, shapes, and colors to make a unique pattern that reflects you sense of style. If you already have a paver patio, you can enlarge it or change out some of the pavers. Even if you’re leaving the patio alone during your renovation, you should still check over the pavers to make sure none of them are damaged. If they are, this is the great time to swap them out.

Plan Out Paver Paths

Another good use of pavers is to make paths from your door or patio out to your shed, the playhouse, or even around the side of the house to the front. You can make these paths out of just about any paver. You could even mix different sizes or shapes to make a very whimsical trail. These trails are more than just decorative, too—they will help keep your shoes dry if it rains. They can be especially helpful in yards that don’t drain well.

Do You Want to Add Planters or a Fire Pit?

Your renovation may include adding some raised planters, a fire pit, or even an outdoor fireplace. Pavers can be used in all of these projects. You can make one cohesive space by using the same pavers you used in your patio, or you can use something different to make your fire pit or planter really stand out. It’s all up to you!

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