Paver Spotlight: Cambridge KingsCourt Collection

Trying to find the right pavers for your patio or other project? Learning about the different brands of pavers and what they offer can help. Cambridge is one of the leading names in the paver industry, and their KingsCourt Collection offers a number of paver sizes and colors. These stones may be perfect for your next project.

Five Shapes and Various Sizes

This collection offers five different rectangular and square shapes. They run from a standard four by eight rectangle to a large 12 by 12 square. All of these pavers have beveled edges, and they’re designed to be used in combination to create amazing spaces. You can, of course, use one size and shape for your patio, but by combining different sizes, you can make the space visually interesting.

A Variety of Colors

You can also mix in different colors. Cambridge gives you a wide variety of choices. They offer everything from ruby and salmon to chestnut and onyx. Different sizes come in different colors, so you may want to look at all of your options before you decide on one. These colors are designed to resist fading, even when in direct sunlight, so your patio will look great for years.

Uses for the KingsCourt Collection

You can use these pavers for a wide variety of projects. For residential properties, these pavers are perfect for creating unique patios, sidewalks, and even driveways. The different sizes and colors allow you to create a space that really pops and lets you express your creativity. These pavers may even be right for your business if you want to add some color and show your customers that you have a fun, upbeat personality.

You won’t need to worry about the weather destroying your new space, either. In addition to Cambridge’s fade-proof colors, they have also sealed these pavers using their special process to protect them from the weather and other conditions that could cause damage.

Are these Pavers Right for Your Project?

If you want to create a paver patio or other project that includes different sizes and colors, the Cambridge KingsCourt Collection may be perfect. The different colors and sizes can be combined to create something that is your style. If you need help selecting the right sizes for your project, contact Island Block & Masonry Supply today.


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