Paver Patio Guidelines for DIY Projects

We have even more considerations for the brave do-it-yourselfers out there in the tri state area who have chosen to take on installation projects all by themselves!

Intelligent as you may be, the team here at Island Block & Masonry Supply wants to ensure that everyone who does their own paving stone patio installation does it right from the get-go so you don’t experience issues and damage later on that may be difficult to repair.

Correctly installed pavers are a cinch to repair, as it is only necessary to replace the damaged stones, which come out easily if laid right.

Create a pathway for drainage

In the last blog, we told readers to level and tamper their patio base and foundation! Keeping that in mind, it needs to have about ¼ of an inch slope every two feet of patio (with the angle turning down AWAY from your house). This will keep your beautiful paving stone patio dry and damage-free.

Create a sturdy border edge

Pack those pavers in tight and you won’t have to worry about them moving around (know there is always a slight amount of “give” in the pavers to account for freeze/thaw, etc). Add pavers, a cement edge or metal edging to your patio in order to keep the structure as stable as possible and help prevent weed growth.

Embrace color variations in your pavers

Regardless of the brand of paver you use (We have high-quality product lines available at our Long Island location), a little variation in the color is inevitable. Similar to wood or tile flooring, you have to expect a slight variance, but you can make it work, after all most pavers are all-natural in appearance and texture to give the illusion of real rock, stone or other concrete material.

Be sure to keep extra pavers at-the-ready

It’s always convenient to have a few extra pavers on hand in case of damage. Keep them in a safe place for easy access when needed.

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