Paver Patio DIY Project Guide

In Part I of our Do It Yourself Paving Stone Patio Project Tips blog, we shared a plan that would help do-it-yourselfers get started on strategizing and implementing their paver patio projects. As we said, these types of DIY projects require a lot of work- and patience- so we divided the process up among a few blogs in order to cover the main steps in more detail and not overwhelm you. In the first installment, we covered the first three steps: 1. creating a checklist, 2. blocking out the space you would like the patio to take up on your property (using spray paint), 3. and then choosing what pavers from which maker you would like to use to build your dream paving stone patio. Tip #5 featured below might be hard in the colder months here in the tri-state area, so use caution when trying to break ground!

It’s one thing to draw up some lines in spray paint in your grass to get a general idea of how big you want you paving stone patio to be, it’s another to actually begin taking measurements and seeing what makes sense for your space, ideas and wallet. Not everyone has friends who are experts in math and that kind of thing. If you need some help with the exact numbers part of the project, the experts at Long Island’s Island Block & Masonry Supply are here to help!

Still want to do it yourself? Here’s the equipment you need to get started on the second phase of the project:

-some string
-a measuring tape
-a pickaxe
-a shovel
-a wheelbarrow

Paver Patio Project Tip #4 – Take exact measurements

The numbers are crucial to the success of your project. Do this the right way and the rest of your project is bound to flow smoothly. Once you have taken measurements, use string tied onto a rebar to create straight lines.

Tip #5 – Dig deep to allow room for foundation and pavers

It’s a good rule of thumb to allow for 6 inches of stone and 3 inches of block. This amounts to a depth of 9 inches, which should be your minimum. Now it’s time to dig all of that soil up, this is when the shovel and wheelbarrow comes in handy. You should be digging the soil that you outlined using the string. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. Remove the grass from what will eventually be the patio space and haul away.

Tip #6 – Load modified stone and stones into ground as a border wall

Step 1 of building the wall is filling in the trench you just dug. Rake and tamp the modified stone and stones after filling in the trench.

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