More Creative Paving Stone Project Ideas

If you decide to enhance your property with a paving stone driveway, patio or other project, you should know you don’t have to sacrifice the aspects of your space that make it unique. Instead of fighting the yard’s distinct features, play them up to really make your home stand out. Below we discuss some ways you can enhance your space with paving stones, cutting down on maintenance, while upping the curb appeal, all at once.

We all want the warmer weather to last longer in the tri state area, and though we have no control over the temperature, our outdoor fireplace kits can help extend outdoor time through the seasons. If you have the space, why not add this lovely feature? We can just picture curling up on a chilly night with a hot cocoa in front of the outdoor fire!

Does the area surrounding your inground pool need that extra something to make it more functional and visually stunning? It’s not a huge undertaking to add a tiered wall to your pool, and it will the space a luxurious vibe that gives it that editorial feel- you can just see it in a magazine!

A pond or waterfall can become a focus in your yard, creating an area for tranquility and relaxation. Fountains, waterfalls and other outdoor remodeling features provide an easy way to add some zen to your space without a complete overhaul.

Use pavers to create a sandbox border. Give your little ones a simple way to have fun for years to come by created a DIY sandbox with paving stones.

Throw in some color! Paving stones from Cambridge and Nicolock come in a variety of fade-proof, vibrant colors that will add some beauty to an otherwise boring part of your yard. Antique look pavers can provide texture, giving your paver project another layer on uniqueness.

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