Is a Paver Project Worth the Time and Investment?

If you’ve been considering putting in a new patio, you may have looked at both the cost and time it takes to install a paver patio and a concrete patio. While there’s no question that a paver patio gives you more options, it can also take more time. Is it worth the investment? The answer is yes. Paver patios have a number of different advantages that make them worth every minute it takes to install them.

You Can Create Amazing Designs

Pavers come in multiple shapes and colors, so you can arrange them in a variety of different patterns to create a unique patio. You can make use of large and small pavers to give it a fun geometric design, plus you can cut the pavers to create an interesting edge or even a rounded off area. With concrete, you can pour it into different shapes, sure, but it’s all the same color, and there’s no fun pattern to it.

Pavers Are Easily Replaced

If your concrete patio cracks (and it will crack eventually), you’re left with only two options. The first is to fill in the crack, but the new concrete you use will not look the same. It will stand out since it’s new and the rest of the surface has discolored with age and use. This means the area that was cracked may stand out even more than it did before it was repaired. Your other option is to tear up the whole patio and pour a new one, which is expensive.

With pavers, all you have to do is remove the broken stone and replace it. It’s much easier and cheaper, and the repaired space won’t stand out nearly as much. You may find that you never have to replace some of your pavers. Of course, you can always take up the entire patio and put down a new one if you decide you want a new design, plus you can remove or add just a few pavers to increase or decrease the size of the patio.

Pavers Are Durable

Finally, your pavers will last for years. They’re designed to stand up to the elements and to a lot of use, so you’ll be able to enjoy your paver patio for a long time without doing much work to maintain it.

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