Interesting Paver Projects

There are no “rules” for pavers. Maybe your style is a little eccentric, or you’re not into perfectly patterned pavers, we have a large variety of products that suit numerous types of projects.

In one of our previous blogs, we have encouraged you to show off your artistic side. Why? Because it adds serious curb appeal both now and when you are looking to sell. Artfully arranged pavers in a custom pattern make your driveway or patio a piece of art.

Many don’t realize the ability of pavers to glam up your outdoor space, whether it’s an outdoor dining room, pool coping, a bar, fireplace, firepit, waterfall or custom patio, walkway or driveway. So how else can you use pavers to show off your creativity? We have a few ideas we share below.

Bring two areas together. Hop, skip and jump between different areas of your yard by placing large pavers several inches apart over gravel. A layout only of gravel does not create the same “connected” effect that the perfectly placed pavers do.

Put things in order. Have some grass you would like to keep, but want to make the other parts of your yard more friendly for walking? Make a outline out of pavers and fill in the space, keeping the wild elements of the yard, like grass, bushes and flowers to the perimeter.

Mismatch sizes, shapes and paver types. Even modern homes may need a touch of an organic element to their home. Sometimes homes with such clean lines look even more fresh when juxtaposed with pavers in flowing, natural shapes.

Even small spaces can benefit from large, flat pavers with wavy outlines in a walkway pattern around their home. Whether you want to create a footpath to a hidden garden or add structure to a clearing with wide, linear pavers, try big pavers rather than small for a nice effect.

Make room for a room. Who doesn’t want a full functional outdoor dining room? Make the space as zen and clean as possible to neat, orderly pavers. The flora and fauna can be off to the side away from diners, leaving room for homeowners to host company and enjoy the space with their family.

Thinking of tackling an arty project? Contact Island Block & Masonry Supply or visit our Long Island showroom, convenient to all in the tri-state area, today to discuss your project with our experts.


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