Integrating Water in Your Yard

Having a garden sanctuary requires a lot of details to incorporate. In fact, water is the main part that will make it all come together. The good thing is that you do not need to have a nearby water source in order for you to incorporate it.

Using water enables you to create more than just a calming effect, but it is able to add additional tranquility. When water is integrated, you are able to enjoy some advantages.

Water Feature Advantages

  • The property value increases
  • Not much needed for upkeep
  • Makes a perfect location to gather with others
  • Wildlife will also enjoy it
  • Water sounds help you to relax

With these advantages in mind, below are a few ideas of how to specifically integrate water.

Water Fountain

As you integrate water, many stick to a simple water fountain that enables you to achieve both a functioning affect and ambiance. Having a fountain is great for outdoor seating, decks, and balconies.

Ponds Within The Ground

A pond can add style to your landscaping after implementing plants like lillies that thrive on water. You are also able to use the pond to connect to other features within your landscaping to achieve attractiveness.

Develop a Bird Bath for Feathered Friends

While adding an attractive pond is nice, including a bird bath makes your landscape even better to have feathered friends visit you. With a bird bath, you are then able to design off from it and add plants and a variety of flowers.

Incorporate a Water Bowl

By introducing a water bowl, it is able to enhance a small space in a simple way. You can use a small dish or bowl that is shallow. However, you need to ensure that it is cleanable so that green algae can be removed.

Once you have the bowl situated, you can have plants added to help maintain the bowl`s cleanliness as well as attract wildlife. Any type of bowl or shallow container can become a water bowl or as an added feature surrounding it. For best results, you can have the bowl maintain your home’s style.

When you need to add water, attempt to utilize rainwater or other water sources that have been outside for a while so that chemicals can be eliminated. You can also place a feature of still water next to green foliage to produce beautiful effects.

Instill a Waterfall Wall

If you have been around a waterfall, then you know how relaxing it can be as the water crashes down. Although the waterfall feature can be striking as it is incorporated through stone and into a soothing pool. However, a waterfall may not be a great option for some.

This is where a waterfall wall comes into play. A waterfall wall normally consists of concrete or natural stone. The water is situated so that it streams down to a pool surrounding the patio.


When you have decided to have water integrated into your yard, you will be able to create great features to pull it off. When you are ready, give us a call and we will go over your available options.


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