How To Use Rock In Your Landscape

Having a landscape that is made up of rock can become a beautiful centerpiece to any landscape or garden. In fact, there are many ways that rocks can be used to create the perfect design or feature.

A popular method used often is known as rockery, which is able to enhance any garden you have. Besides the ability to appear beautiful, they can even make your existing plants the center of attention. Also, if you want a look that is perfect all year and long-lasting, then rocks will be the way to go.

Besides rockery, there are many other ideas that can use rocks such as the five we have listed below.
1. Incorporate Gravel Rock to Create a Border or Path
When you incorporate gravel rock, you are able to create a path or border. These nice rock pebbles can give a garden an instant flow to any garden or landscaping. The easiest to use is decomposed granite and permits water to flow through and eventually packing, which will eliminate weed growth. By including other rocks, you can create borders or path for a different look.

2. Design Mini Climates

When you design a mini climate, the temperature will become cool or warm. Having shade allows you to keep an area cool. Having rocks will usually maintain heat and keep plants warm. The rocks can also decrease the amount of wind that plants experience. When you have plants that are new and require more heat, it is a good idea to have a rock with it.

3. Managing Water

Having rocks placed can help keep water managed. Water management can be conducted by developing a simple riverbed made of rocks. This riverbed will then be able to redirect water to areas that need it. If you have a slope with plants, the rocks can become a terrace or they can save water so that the plants always have water. The rocks you use can even prevent the loss of water through erosion.

4. Make Plants a Centerpiece

If you have plants that you love, then you should contemplate making them into a centerpiece in your landscaping. This can be done simply by having a rock placed behind your plant. The rocks can also balance the color of orange flowers and foliage by adding white stones. Or you can include white or orange blooms with red colored stones.

5. Develop a Raised Bed

Incorporate rocks to develop a raised bed or terrace that will help keep your garden looking interesting. You can have the rocks centered around the dirt mound or within it so that the effect is natural looking. Having the rocks will also be able to easily control erosion.


When you have rocks scattered among your garden, you should take advantage of using them. This way, your garden can achieve the desired effect while also saving you money. If you need more information on how rocks can be used in your landscape, get in touch with us today to find out.


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