How to Take a Simple Paver Patio to the Next Level

Want to make your basic paver patio a little more impressive? There are a few things you can do to take it to the next level, and they don’t require a lot of money or time. Here are a few little projects or tips you can use to make your paver patio look amazing.

Add Built-In Planters and Retaining Walls

Building planters, retaining walls, or seating out of the same pavers you used for the patio creates a nice, cohesive look to the space. This can be a great way to bring in dedicated flowerbeds, too. Raised planters are easier for some people to manage as well. The look of these planters and other built-in features adds some extra elegance to the space by making it look more planned out.

Carefully Plan the Patio

If you’re installing the paver patio yourself, take time to carefully plan it out. Doing so can make it look much more sophisticated than you might think, and all it takes it a little extra time before you start laying pavers. First, consider the exterior color of your home and select pavers that compliment those colors. Next, look at the size of your yard to get an idea of how large of a patio you need. If your patio is so large that you don’t have much grass left, it will look somewhat odd. Having a too-small patio also makes the space look awkward.

You can also carefully plan out the furniture and other accessories you want to add to your patio. Using patio furniture that compliments the colors in the pavers adds another layer of cohesiveness.

Think About the Edging

You can do some creative edging around the perimeter of your patio to add a little extra décor to it. Instead of simply ending the patio, use a different paver to outline the space. You could also lay the pavers you’ve been using differently—horizontally instead of vertically, for example—to make a distinctive edge. Another option is to change the color of the pavers or the size.

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