Great Collections for Paving Stone Patios

There are countless paving stone manufacturers out on the market, each with various collections in colors and styles spanning far and wide, it can help to have some suggestions from experts to help narrow down the playing field. When embarking on a paver project you have so many choices, and here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, we take pride in our ability to help our clients narrow down their choices and pick the absolute best product for their particular project.

Unilock’s Mirada paver has tons of texture that those who appreciate a more lived-in look will love. It is weathered and “tumbled” so if you want clean straight modern lines than this look isn’t for you. There are numerous shapes and sizes in the collection that come together in a package, allowing the installer to interlock the paving stones into beautiful distinguished patterns and designs.

The Renaissance Collection from Cambridge Paving Stones reflects the glorious piazzas of the European Renaissance. Beautiful stone that is aged naturally makes this collection a fitting choice for homeowners wishing to infuse a little history into the look of their property. Cambridge pavers are made with ArmorTec, which is a proprietary blend that protects the pavers. Mixed into every paver during the manufacturing process, it serves as a defense against weather damage and wear-and-tear.

Belgard Pavers makes a Mega Lafitt paver that marries the appearance and texture of flagstone with the durable manufactured pavers. Larger pieces and modular shapes gives the installer free roam to create a unique project.

Cassava by Unilock boasts a gorgeous, weathered look with dimples. This paver is designed to resemble a traditional Brussels paver. With the ability to be laid in numerous design shapes and patterns, this paver can also be put to good use as a gravel walk border or to serve as an accent to add some flair to a more standard paver design.

As experts in paving stone and masonry projects, we enjoy consulting with our customers. Come visit our showroom and let us help you pick out products for your dream hardscape project! Visit Island Block & Masonry Supply today, located conveniently for residents of the tri state area, or call us at (631) 443-4521.


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