Getting the Most Out of Your Patio in the Winter

You’ve built the perfect patio. You love the pavers you’ve selected, the size is exactly what you need, and you have the right outdoor furniture. During the warmer months, you may have practically lived on your patio, but now that it’s winter, can you still use the space? Fortunately, even though it’s cold, you can still make use of your patio in the winter. Here are some tips for getting the most out of this amazing outdoor space.

Add an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

The worst part about being outdoors in the winter is the cold, so why not warm up your patio with a fire pit or fireplace? You can use pavers to build both, so you can make your addition match the rest of your patio or use a complimentary paver. These permanent additions will add value to your home, too, making it easier to sell if you ever decide to part with the property. In addition to adding warmth, you can use your fire pit or fireplace to make S’mores and other tasty snacks.

Create a Wind Block

Cold winds can ruin the evening, even to the point that your warm fire isn’t enough. Depending on your view and how your patio is situated, you may want to build a wall to help block out the wind. This isn’t always going to be a good option, of course, but it can work nicely if your patio is against your property line and you don’t have a fence there. You can create a gorgeous stacked paver fence that not only looks pretty, it also protects you from the wind and provides privacy for you and your guests.

Keep the Area Clean

You’re not going to want to do much on your patio if it’s covered in dirt, debris, snow, and ice. During the fall, take the time to rake the fallen leaves off your patio and sweep away any dirt. By keeping your patio clean, you’ll be able to make more use out of it all year round. Also make sure to shovel snow off the area. This not only makes it easier to use your patio in the winter, but it also helps protect it. When snow melts, the water could seep into cracks between pavers and then expand if it were to freeze back into ice, causing issues.

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