Flagstone by Unilock is Ideal for Many Projects

If you are looking for a paving product with a natural tone and texture with a look that can accompany nearly any type of  landscape and hardscape project in the tri state area, then Beacon Hill Flagstone may be the right fit for your outdoor residential or commercial project.

This product is available in almond grove, coffee creek, New York blend, sierra, sycamore and Tuscany. Sizes include large rectangle, square, and small rectangle.

While not exactly modern looking in appearance, the material is all new, but evokes a sense of history with its variety of shapes and sizes, soft blended colors and subtle surface design.

There are numerous types of design combinations that we fall for again and again here at Island Block & Masonry Supply. The potential for designs widens even further when you bring in different types of borders and accents that will do so much more than complete your look — they can completely transform your project, making the hardscape design look more weathered, modern, classic or colorful and vibrant.

Circular or herringbone patterns are among the patterns that manage to be both eye-catching and classic.

Jointing compound options

When they see a beautiful paving stone driveway, many people would probably not take not of the color of jointing compound used, but the total appearance of your driveway or pool patio can be made sharply different with each option for jointing compound colors, which include black sand, tan sand and grey sand.

All of these choices are neutral-based to complement the variety of different shades that Beacon Hill Flagstone comes in, but can transform the overall look once chosen and laid down with the pavers. Jointing compound may be regarded as a finishing touch, but it is surely so much more.

Here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, we are experts in paving stone and masonry projects. We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service and extensive knowledge of all thing paving and masonry. Our staff enjoys consulting with our customers — assisting with product choices or referring them to qualified contractors. Visit Island Block & Masonry Supply today or call us at (631) 443-4521.


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