Finding the Right Path with Paving Stone Walkways

Paving stone walkways can provide a perimeter for a residential property, help visitors navigate commercial buildings with confusing parking lot systems and multiple similar looking structures or bring a focal point to expansive yards and gardens with several areas of interest.

Sloping landscapes benefit greatly from installing paving stone walkways. Throughout the tri state we see many areas that feature hilly residential and commercial properties, like the north shore of Long Island for example. For uneven grounds, guests walking from their car parked on the street, or from your driveway to your front door can prove difficult and even hazardous for people of any age, especially the elderly.

Installing a paver walkway using products from one of the quality lines we offer here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, like Nicolock or Cambridge Paving Stones guarantee a stellar look, affordable price and more safety.

A slip-proof outdoor walking surface is of utmost important in the northeast. The tri state gets some nasty winters here and when the snow has been shoveled, the area de-iced or the rain is pouring, it’s comforting to know that the paving stone walkway is a safe place to trek from car to home if you don’t have an attached garage. Rainy weather won’t require rain boots with a paver walkway or driveway, since you won’t be trudging through mud to get to the door.

Our region’s freeze-thaw cycle, followed by April showers can be tough on materials heavily trafficked on your property. With paving stones, there is give and a level of porousness that allows water to flow through the pavers into the ground below, reducing pollution and stormwater runoff.

Help guide visitors and guests on the chosen path to your front door or property gate with a paving stone walkway. This prevents people from walking their own path, creating damaged landscaping, grass and gardens — providing a sure way for them to get from point A to point B hassle free, all while taking in the beauty of the pavers they are following to get to their destination!


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