FAQs: Retaining Walls and Wallstone Systems

Retaining walls aren’t just for show. Well they can be, but they can also serve a purpose other than just adding a “wow” factor to any outdoor space. Landscapes within the tri-state area can vary- some properties may have hills or slope down toward a creek or curb while others are flat and free of existing trees or “hardscaping.”

Today we’ll cover the two most frequently asked questions we receive about retaining walls. Check back for more Question and Answer blogs on retaining walls and other paver products and projects in the future.

Can retaining wallstone systems help make a slope on outdoor property less severe?

Paver wallstone systems, such as those offered by Cambridge or Nicolock can help make back or front-yard slopes less severe in numerous ways. One way is by dividing up the slope in multiple sections creating a terrace effect; the other way is one taller retaining wall that will hold back a larger wall of soil. Installing a series of low terraces or one big wall can break up land that was once severely sloped and create a more people-friendly yard.

How do retaining walls work?

There is no “exact” way to build a retaining wall- it depends on each unique project and the property on which the wall is being built. Many retaining wallstone systems consist of interlocking, concrete pavers which mimic the appearance of real stone. Each concrete paver locks together to complete a wall that has the power to retain a mound of earth from “escaping.” Retaining walls don’t have to be used for this purpose, however, they can function as extra seating without holding soil back, or as a border for a garden. Retaining walls can add curb appeal. increase the value of your home and serve as a supportive or decorative structure. We offer Cambridge and Nicolock retaining wallstone systems here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, and we’ll help you choose which system best fits your needs.

This is just a quick look at a couple of questions that may factor into your outdoor retaining wall project. Contact Long Island’s own Island Block & Masonry Supply today to discuss your needs with our experts.


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