Environmental Stoneworks & Unilock Pavers

Island Block & Masonry Supply boasts numerous high quality paving stone product lines in addition to masonry materials, do it yourself kits and other We offer the Northeast Ledgestone, Northeast Fieldstone and Northeast ProStack collections from Environmental Stoneworks.

Northeast Ledgestone is available in 16 different colors, and while all have distinct properties that set them apart, all of the mini collections within this line boast natural looking stone and vibrant, realistic colors.

Northeast Fieldstone With more than 27 colors available, this environmental stoneworks collection is more like large, irregular shaped stones than the Ledgestone Collection’s more structured look. This collection works well with those seeking a more rustic appearance.

Available in 10 different and vibrant colors, Northeast ProStack combines the straight lines of the Northeast Ledgestone Collection with the Fieldstone characteristics to offer a truly realistic and classic look to any outdoor remodeling and redesign project.

We carry four different “parent” collections of Unilock Pavers at the Long Island showroom of Island Block & Masonry Supply, conveniently located to the entire tri state area. Under the main four, there are eight types of permeable pavers, eleven Endura Color Pavers, nine Endura Color Plus Pavers and nine classic pavers.

Island Block & Masonry Supply offers numerous types of eco-friendly permeable paving products, which help encourage a decrease in water pollution. Permeable pavers have a porous formation that is different than standard pavers, this allows water to flow back into the soil and into the water table rather than turning into runoff, which unfortunately flows into sewers and then into the tri state area’s already polluted waterways.

As a family run business for the last 60 years, Island Block & Masonry Supply is always looking to assist Long Island residents and those involved in commercial development, as well as those throughout the tri state area with all of their residential or commercial block and masonry needs. We always seek to provide the best customer service, and our experts love to help our customers find the best products for their project. Visit our Long Island showroom today or call 631-443-4521 to speak to our experts.


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