Eco-Friendly Paving Stone Options

Here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, our staff along with many of our wonderful clients and customers, are conscious of the environment and try to be as eco-friendly as we can, when possible. Along with minimizing the carbon footprint, certain types of paving stones are more friendly to the environment than others.

We proudly carry several varieties of eco-friendly paving products. Permeable pavers assist reducing water pollution because of they consist of more porous material than other pavers. Block concrete and brick does not have this ability. The porous consistency of permeable pavers allows water to percolate back into the soil and into the water table, this limits runoff water, which usually ends up flowing into sewers, polluting waterways in the tri state area.

We noted in a previous blog that the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) stated that more and more professionals are choosing permeable interlocking concrete pavements than ever before due to the environmental advantages of the material and its ability to meet low impact development goals.

Unilock permeable paving products are available at our Long Island showroom.


  • Features: Multiple shapes, color retention.


  • Features: L-shaped design, can withstand heavy commercial loads.


  • Features: Custom finish and color options; has the ability to be mechanically installed.


  • Features: Erosion control pond lining.


  • Features: Textured surface, three compatible sizes.

Town Hall™

  • Features: Appropriate for traditional and permeable installation methods; distressed appearance.


  • Features: Erosion control; favorite of landscape architects.

Uni Eco-Stone®

  • Features: Maximum drainage

One of the most permeable of Unilock’s collection is the Uni Eco-Stone. This paver product enables maximum drainage, promoting water runoff, and helping the natural ecosystem in turn. Though permeable, it is exceptionally strong. The Un- Eco-Stone has the full capability to handle the weight of large commercial vehicles.

While some paving stones are more eco-friendly than others, choosing the right products can help you contribute to less pollution, helping the environment, and possibly saving money in maintenance costs over time.

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) has listed numerous ways in which concrete pavers provide solutions to ecological problems.


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