Easy Paver Projects for the Beginner

Don’t feel quite up to building an entire patio out of pavers just yet? If you’re not ready to jump right into using pavers for a large project, you might consider starting with something a little easier. Here are a few easy paver projects for the beginner that will let you get comfortable with using pavers before you move on to something larger.

Build a Walkway

Creating a walkway or sidewalk is basically like making a patio, but on a smaller scale. It’s a good way of practicing laying pavers, and the end result can lead to your patio and serve as a way of connecting it to other parts of your landscaping. If you do plan on having the walkway connect to the patio, though, be sure to plan out where it will connect and how everything with work together before you begin.

Create a Wall or Divider

Building a small paver wall will give you experience with stacking pavers and cementing them together. This can be used as a retainer wall if you have an uneven yard or as a divider between areas. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can experiment with adding different types of pavers or stacking every third or fourth section a little higher to add a decorative touch.

Build Small Paver Planters

Another good beginner project is to stack small pavers into planters. It’s a little more complicated than building a wall, but by learning how to build small planters, you can later put those skills to use building larger ones or creating seating. Learning how to stack pavers around a space is also helpful for making fire pits, which is another good starter project.

Fill in a Small Flower Bed

If you have a flower bed or other small space you’ve decided you no longer want to use as it is, you could fill that space with pavers. The process is the same as if you were building a patio, so it’s another great way of learning the techniques and mastering the skills needed before you go on to work on the larger project.

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