Creating a Multi-Level Patio with Pavers

Creating a flat patio out of pavers is a great project that can result in an amazing addition to your home. But what if you want something that’s both a little more challenging and more impressive? How about creating a multi-level patio with pavers? It doesn’t take that much more work, nor will it significantly increase your budget since pavers are so affordable to begin with.

What Does it Take?

Creating a multi-level patio doesn’t take anything special. If you have a backyard that is already at variable heights, you may be able to take advantage of the landscaping and save on pavers. But even if your land is flat, you can still build up. You can either bring in extra dirt to create multiple levels or stack pavers. Using dirt is going to be the easier option since you won’t have to lay and cement all of those pavers. You will want to do a row of stacked pavers around the edges, though, so that it gives the illusion that your entire patio is made from stacked pavers!

Laying Out the Spaces

You will want to put a little extra planning into building a multi-level patio than you would in constructing a flat space. You need to determine exactly how high each level will be and how many steps you’ll use to move from one level to the next.

You’ll also need to consider railings or walls around parts of your patio so people don’t fall. One very impressive way of doing this is to create built-in seating using pavers. You can also use pavers to build raised flowerbeds all around each level of your multi-level patio. Both will give you a functional addition to the patio while also ensuring that people don’t tumble down the different levels.

Is Your Space Right for a Multi-Level Patio

Do you have the space for such a project? In some cases, if your home is built at the top of a hill, it might not matter how large your backyard is—you may be able to add in a multi-level patio due to the way your yard slopes downward. In other cases, you may need to build up these different levels. Either way, take the time to plan out such a project before you begin.

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