Create a Modern Look with Pavers

Homes define our lifestyle and the way we approach life. Our circumscribed life has given us new insights and a greater appreciation for spaces inside and around our homes. It has created a need for these spaces to be functionally efficient and aesthetically nourishing. It has pushed us into rethinking and redesigning spaces to accommodate the modern blend of clear, well-defined lines and geometric patterns that merge into multifunctional places. Pavers are the core element in adding texture and shaping a visual sensory experience in and around a home.

Mix Colors, Materials and Patterns

Pair complementary colors to delineate spaces on your patio or to create subtle borders. Outdoor seating area can be defined with a central inlay of a soft-hued tile featuring a greyish tinge surrounded by a tile in a darker shade of grey to create a subtle border.

You can add interest by delineating a small area using patterned tiles surrounded by pavers in similar hues to create a sophisticated look. You can use the same patterns to mark out dining and seating areas on the patio, or use patterned pavers on the steps for additional detailing. You can also create zones and boundaries by using gravel as the defining substance around pavers.

Create Levels

Craft a multilevel backyard with paver walkways, steps and terraces to add a new dimension to your backyard. Multilevel gardens offer layered experiences and multiple perspectives. Paved walkways leading to strategically placed benches surrounded by vines of flowers or hedges offer quiet spaces to relax and rejuvenate in natural settings.

Natural stone steps and terraces merge with the green spaces and open up your visual range and offer a new vantage point. Stone walkways, Terracotta and Renaissance pavers merge beautifully into natural settings.

Irregular Shapes or Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns, such as monochromatic triangles or a checkered harlequin pattern with well-defined borders, are the perfect choice to add a touch of modern sophistication to your paver patio. Monochromatic Interlocking triangle pavers will not only set a bold statement but also lend a fun vibe to the space. The Victorian-era-inspired harlequin walkway will create a timeless appeal.

Irregular stone walkways have a classic appeal, and you can make one leading to a gazebo or pergola. A gazebo functions as a home-based office because you need peace and tranquility to work.

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