Common Problems You Might Experience While Putting in Your Paver Patio

Installing a paver patio is fairly easy, but there are still some problems you might encounter. This is especially true if you haven’t installed pavers like this before. Fortunately, the process is fairly easy, and even the biggest problems aren’t too hard to solve. Here are some of the issues that may come up and what you can do to fix them.

You Run Out of Pavers

You may get to the last part of your patio and realize you don’t have enough pavers to finish it. This isn’t uncommon at all. To avoid this issue, take your time measuring. Make sure you have the width and height of your space and that you know the size of the pavers you’re going to use. You should be able to calculate the number of pavers needed from this information. It’s always a good idea to buy an extra 10 or 15, though, just to be sure you have enough. Most stores will allow you to return these extra pavers back if you don’t need them.

The Pavers Aren’t Even

One of the most important things you need to do before laying your pavers is to level the ground. If it’s not level, your patio isn’t going to look right. It will have pavers sticking up here and there, and that will create a tripping hazard. Make sure the ground you’re laying the pavers on is level and that there are no roots, rocks, or other hazards that will interfere with the pavers.

Not Using the Right Edging

If you don’t have the right edging around the perimeter of your patio, it’s possible that the outer pavers will start to drift away from the patio. Over time, it will become more and more obvious that your patio is slowly falling apart. You need to find a good edging to keep the pavers together. It should extend a few inches past the patio so that it has a good grip on the ground. You can secure this edging using metal spikes so it won’t get washed out or shift over time.

If you’re not certain what edging to get or have other questions, the experts at Island Block and Masonry can help. Contact us today.


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