Common Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

When you are planning to landscape your yard, you want to have it looking its best. Having the best design is what it will take to achieve your desired results. However, if you make a mistake it could cause the entire landscaping project to become a disaster. This is why it is important to avoid landscaping mistakes

Below, we have the most common landscaping mistakes to avoid.

Focusing only on the Back Yard

A lot of times a homeowner will landscape their backyard a lot more than the front yard. The reason is because we spend the majority of our time entertaining family and friends, playing with pets, and playing with our kids. So it is natural that the backyard would get all of the attention. However, it is important to concentrate on both yards equally as you design the landscaping.

A good reason to remember the front yard is because your home’s curb appeal plays a big role. Having your neighbors see you having a great landscape in the front is important in many aspects. Plus, when you plan to sell your home, the buyer can easily make a decision to buy based on what the front yard looks like.

Failing to Set a Budget

You need to invest in your landscaping. But the thing that many do not realize is the amount it actually costs in order to have their yard landscaped. Whether your landscaping is good or bad, you will end up spending thousands for it. This is why you should be setting a landscape budget before you have your design planned out. The amount that you figure out will be the determining factor of many decisions you make.

Neglecting Maintenance

You are not finished with landscaping just because all of your plants are planted. Once all of the landscaping is completed, it will need to be maintained. The amount of maintenance will be determined by how much you put into the landscaping project. So if you have quite a bit landscaped, then you will need to maintain the same amount.

Forgetting about Functionality

When you are designing your landscape, you need to keep in mind how it will look and function. Although it is great to have a yard that looks fantastic, when you never take into consideration how others use it, it is not a mistake you want to make. When you forget to consider functionality, it could have negative effects on other areas of the yard.

Putting it all Together

When you know that you are ready to start landscaping, getting a hold of us to talk about your design ideas will be the best course of action. We will help your ideas come to life after you call us today.


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