Bringing Your Outdoor Remodeling Design from Dream to Reality

Many people see the commercials for paving stone outdoor remodeling on TV and get the impression that the expense of installing such a stunningly beautiful hardscaping area in their own backyard would be out of the question.

There is a price to pay for sure, but both at time of installation and especially throughout the years and maintenance, paving stones are well worth the investment. In addition to being equipped to handle the seasons we experience here in the tri state area, the harsh winters, which lead to a freeze/thaw cycle, as well as the warmer summers, paving stones keep their intense, vibrant color for a lifetime.

Repair is easy, remove the damaged pavers and replace as needed, removing a whole section is not a requirement — this saves you time and money throughout the years, along with saving you the hassle of having to call in installers, it’s easy enough to repair yourself in many cases.

So first you must decide on the project: a new patio, garden area, retaining wall, driveway? Next take a look at the space, how do you intend to use it? The possibilities are endless?

Next, choose color, pattern and determine which of the high quality paving stone collections we carry here at Island Block & Masonry Supply work for your project, taste and budget.

There are tons of variations in paving stones shape, size, texture, color and other attributes that make pavers a great choice for all types of outdoor projects.

Answers to questions like these will enable you and your contractor to create a beautiful, functional and productive outdoor living design for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Determine the vibe you are hoping to achieve with this outdoor remodeling project.

Would you like to create a unique outdoor paving stone design? Even for you do-it-yourselfers, Island Block & Masonry Supply is here to help. Contact us or visit our Long Island showroom, convenient to all in the tri-state area, today to discuss your project with our experts.


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