• 10 Pavers Your Patio Needs Today

    Using a paver provides many benefits and there could be many different types of material used to create a paver. The paver can also be used for many landscape projects. However, we will go over the 10 types of pavers your patio needs today. 1. The Brick Paver A brick paver is also known as […]

  • Paver Patio Problems To Be Aware Of

    When you plan to install a patio using a paver but are concerned about problems that may occur, then you should be aware of the most common problems that may occur while using pavers. The Paver Patio is Sinking Besides making the paver patio look bad, they can also mean something else is going on. […]

  • Which Type of Outdoor Fireplace is Perfect for You

    When you are planning to enjoy your outdoor patio more and you want to help alleviate the chill, then adding an outdoor fireplace will be a great idea. Not only will you feel comfortable, but you will love having a few options to choose from, such as the ones listed below. The Wood-Burning Fireplace With […]

  • What are Irregular shaped paver stones used for?

    Regardless of the type of paver you use for your yard or landscaping, they are able to bring out the best in your retaining wall, path, or driveway.  However, when you incorporate an irregular shaped paver stone, you are able to achieve much more than you think when you incorporate the ideas below. Create a […]

  • Types of Pavers Used As Stepping Stones

    When you want your landscaping to become functional, the stepping stone paver is able to provide the right amount of functionality. This allows you to enhance a garden’s overall appeal. These pavers also assist in establishing garden areas and pathways. Having a multitude of paver stepping stones also helps you to find the perfect paver […]

  • Is Sand Necessary for Paving Slabs

    When you plan to have an area paved, it is a good way to enhance the appearance of your home’s landscaping. An area that is most often paved is a patio. When you have a patio, your family and friends will have a place to gather and enjoy the outdoors. Before you create a patio, […]

  • Which Paver Material is Best for Your Landscaping?

    When you are designing your landscaping, you need to decide which material to use. There are many paver materials to choose from as well as advantages and disadvantages of each. As far as which is best, there are two: sandstone and limestone. When you are deciding on which paver material to use, it can be […]

  • Top Fixes to Avoid Foundation Problems

    When water is an issue, it can cause a lot of hectic problems for a home’s foundation once it makes its way in. This makes it important to be on the lookout for any water or any signs of damage that water can cause. However, if you see yourself in an unfortunate situation where your […]

  • Why Use Stone In your Landscape

    When it comes to landscaping your yard, you may have never thought about adding stone into it. However, when you do you are able to achieve an array of effects that will enhance its overall appearance. Below we have a few reasons why you should use stone in your landscape. Bring in a Dramatic Effect […]