5 Important Facts About Paver Patios

Are you preparing to build a patio out of pavers? A paver patio is a great addition to any yard, and you’ll love having this space to hang out in during the warmer months. If you’re about to start this project, there are a few things you should know. Here are five important facts about paver patios.

  1. Be Sure the Patio Gently Slopes

While it’s important that the space where you’re creating your patio is level, you actually don’t want it to be too level. You want to include about a quarter-inch of slope every two feet. This will create a patio with a very slight slope to it so water won’t stand on the patio. This is important if you live in an area with heavy or frequent rain. Make sure the water runs off away from your home, too.

  1. Buy Some Extra Pavers

While pavers are very durable, there’s always the chance that one or two of them will get damaged over the years. If you can’t find pavers that match, though, you either have to redo the entire thing or add in pavers that don’t look like the others. To avoid this, buy a small supply of replacement pavers.

  1. Use Edging

Be sure to install flexible edging around the pavers to help keep everything in place. This edging is available in both plastic and aluminum options, or you can use concrete curbing to keep everything in place.

  1. Start with the Foundation

Laying your pavers is actually one of the last steps in building your patio. The first, and really the most important, step is creating a strong foundation that’s deep enough to support the patio. You also want to make certain there are no power or sewer lines under the area. Call your utility companies and ask them to come park your utility lines to make certain there’s no issues there.

  1. Use Joint Sand

Finally, when you’re finished laying pavers, you want to be sure to seal the spaces between them with joint sand. This will keep the pavers in place and prevent debris and moisture from getting down in between them and causing problems.

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