July 2016

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  • Nicolock Toscana Antiqued Pavers – Natural and Durable

    For many homeowners, the look of naturally aged stone is what they are going for when they choose paving stones. People love the Toscana Antiqued Pavers collection from Nicolock because it combines the natural look, but it is extremely durable due to its makeup of high-strength concrete, despite it tumbled, weathered appearance. State-of-the-art tumbling technology […]

  • Paving Stones Provide Quality Designs, Affordable Repair

    Many people may drive past a home with a beautiful paving stone driveway, or visit someone with a backyard patio, seating area and fire pit completely made of pavers and be under the impression that paving stones are a significantly expensive, time consuming and high-maintenance undertaking, but none of that is in fact true. Fairly […]