July 2015

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  • Product Spotlight: Nicolock Paver-Shield™ Pavers – Collections and Applications

    We have numerous Nicolock products available here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, including the very popular and durable Nicolock Paver-Shield™ Pavers. We are conveniently located on Long Island, NY and proudly serve the entire the tri state area, providing materials for all types of paving and masonry projects. Nicolock Paving Stones are fortified with […]

  • Types of Real Stone Veneer

    We carry five types of natural stone here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, all of which are resistant to extreme environmental factors, such as freeze-thaw cycles that we experience during and after the harsh winters of the tri-state area. Real stone veneer, as the name denotes, was created through natural forces, so the color […]